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Where It All Started

It all started in a place called Love Town in 1939, when Maxine Redmon met Ollie Bunnell. This meeting brought forth a union and a life that started in a house built by Coleman Kelly. Coleman was Maxine’s grandfather who built a house on the south side of Indianapolis in the late 1890’s, and in this house would be the place Ollie and Maxine would raise their family – and “oh what a family”.

family home

A Tight-Knit Family of 10 Brothers and Sisters

There were 10 brothers and sisters: Thomas (Dusty), Randall (Randy), Charles Edward (Burger), Donniece, Shirley, Jolene, Darrell (Tracy), Ray, Rhonda, and Terri. This was a tight-knit family – it had to be – for the house only had 4 rooms.

Ollie worked at Chrysler for 33 years. Maxine cooked at St. Francis Hospital for 30 years. They worked different shifts, but through this large family and years of necessity grew culinary magic that we now call Maxine’s. This magic was fraught by years of trial and error and by putting things together that would amaze the average person. Whether it was wild game or fresh vegetables from the garden, Maxine was able to turn any dish into a tasty cuisine. During these days she had an apprentice that helped from time to time in the kitchen – this was her oldest daughter Donniece.

Maxine's Chicken & Waffles family

Providing a “Taste of Love in Every Bite”

In 2007, Ollie and Maxine’s children and grandchildren came together to establish an eatery reflecting the family and the comfort that went along with Maxine’s food. Maxine’s Chicken and Waffles is a culmination of the recipes, ideals, and thoughts from the tree of Ollie and Maxine Bunnell. The mission of Maxine’s Chicken and Waffles is to provide a “taste of love in every bite.” Made from fresh ingredients at an affordable price and generous servings, Maxine’s is a place that will make you feel like you are at grandma’s house. Come feel the love.


A Taste of Love in Every Bite