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The Max Express

We deliver right to your door and offer free downtown delivery. Outside of downtown, delivery charges may apply.

Text 317.753.2859 or email Text or email orders require 48-hr notice.

Delivery available Tues-Sun, 11a-6p.


Chicken Family Meals (Served w/ 2 Sides, Bread)
Wing Dings 25
Wing Dings 50

Additional Family Meals (Served w/ 2 Sides, Bread, Excludes Baked Spaghetti)
Baked Spaghetti
Fish Fillets 10pc (Catfish or Tilapia)
Roast Beef

Family Sides ($12 Each)
Mac and Cheese
Candied Yams
Green beans
Vegetable medley
Cole slaw
Mashed potatoes w/ gravy
House Salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, cheese, croutons)

Text/email orders 48-hr notice

A Taste of Love in Every Bite